What Dangerous Diseases Can Jaggery Use Prevent You? You will be surprised to know


What Dangerous Diseases Can Jaggery Use Prevent You? You will be surprised to know

Molasses contains carotene, nicotine, acids, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, as well as iron and phosphorus. The temperament of jaggery is hot and in the second-degree old jaggery is dry while the new jaggery has been declared most useful for various ailments like cough, asthma, cough, stomach worms, etc. Gar improves the digestive system. Relieves constipation and relieves gas.

Mothers of infants whose milk is not enough for their children should use only white cumin powder and jaggery in the morning and evening. This will increase the amount of milk. The use of jaggery has proved to be excellent in sharpening memory and enhancing memory. Therefore, students who do not remember the lesson should use Gurka Halwa in the morning and evening. Steel in Gar also cures anemia and increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Strengthens the body’s immune system.

People with arthritis or knee pain and inflammation should use 5 grams of ginger and 5 grams of ginger powder. This will not only relieve the knee pain but also reduce the swelling. Similarly, using a little jaggery and roasted ginger with warm water before going to bed relieves chronic cold and pain. Constipation is the root cause of many physical ailments. It can also cause painful illnesses such as hemorrhoids. Nature has also placed constipation in jaggery. People who have constipation should use jaggery.
Eating semi-ripe neem with old jaggery thrice a day can get rid of deadly diseases like hemorrhoids. Gram; Coat all these items well with 200 grams of jaggery and grind them to make laddoos of 25, 25 grams. Hemorrhoids can be cured by eating hot water in the morning and in the evening, as well as many other ailments of the human body including flatulence, bloating, bloating, and swelling of hands and feet and cough. This recipe is also useful for getting rid of cough: Mix 10 grams jaggery in 10 grams pure mustard oil and lick one spoon in the morning and evening.

Mix 4, 4 grams of papaya leaves and jokhar, 5 to 7 grams of black pepper, 25 grams of Dry pomegranate seeds, and add 50 grams of jaggery to make a powder. Eating 5 grams of saffron with warm water in the morning and evening can get rid of chronic cough. If a patient is not getting rid of malaria fever, it will be beneficial to feed black cumin and jaggery powder together.