Patients become great human beings in difficult times, Imran Khan


Patients become great human beings in difficult times, Imran Khan

Opening the construction industry will provide people with jobs, assess the daily basis situation; there is a big difference between the economic conditions of the United States and Pakistan; Deadly outbreak does not leave anyone out, people should not go on the wrong side of social media: PM addressing ceremony to raise funds and rations in Corona Relief Fund

Lahore ( – 04 April 2020) Prime Minister Imran has said that difficult times are the test of nations, the situation of Pakistan was very bad before then, it is a test of the nation. Patients become great human beings in difficult times. There is a long war against the Corona virus, deadly outbreaks do not let anyone down, people do not go on the wrong side of social media.
Pakistan’s ideology is an Islamic welfare state. Unfortunately we have gone too far with this view. There is a big difference between the economic conditions of the rich countries and Pakistan. In tough times, we have given a package of $ 8 billion; it is a challenge to take care of the affected people of Lock down; We have opened up the construction industry.

Opening up of the construction industry will give people jobs, assess the situation on a daily basis. During the lock down, Tiger Force was created, with 6 million members already. Thanks to the donors, Usman Bazdar is doing well in Punjab. There is a great report on working in Punjab. He expressed these views while addressing a function on behalf of donors at Governor House Lahore in the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and other members of the cabinet were also present. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that I thank the Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar who organized the charity and contributed his good fortune in this hour of hardship. Go on
He said that a nation is tested and that it is the test of a human being. Allah says in the Quran that I will test your faith with hardship. In the mean time, all are good Muslims. If a businessman is hurt and he is damaged, then he is detected at that time, he uses the shortcut to prevent the loss in these situations, fraud, is he The person tries to get through and this is what actually destroys him. The man who considers bad times a test by Allah and confronts him, stands up more firmly.
Allah Almighty promises His servants who stand in the midst of difficult times. Patience is the standard in difficult times, and such people later become big human beings and those who raise their hands in difficult times are the same in the millions, millions. Today is the test of the nation because of the difficult times, it is such a difficult time that no one has experience of how to deal with that time.
Countries that have many times more resources than us, whose institutions are stronger than us, where the health system spends so much money that we do not spend even 22 million people a year are hard to come by. The United States gives a $ 2,000 billion package to our country, while we can barely give a $ 8 billion relief package, what a difference there is between us and those countries, but still look at their situation today, there is a breakdown situation, we They exemplified the development of these countries.

So we have a big test today that if these countries could have these conditions then our situation was already bad. There are about five million people below the poverty line and they cannot even eat bread for two time. There are five to six million people who, if a shock comes, go down the poverty line. This is our big test and I consider it a great challenge.
I believe that when the nation emerges from this challenge, it will be completely different nation, it will be the same nation that insha Allah should become, because of which this nation was made, which was the vision and ideology of becoming Pakistan. It was a very big ideology that we have forgotten, we never gave it importance, never made people understand why Pakistan was formed, that ideology belonged to the Islamic welfare state.
Allama Iqbal’s philosophy was a big dream, we had to be an example in the world where the real Islam was, where justice and humanitarian system should be, but unfortunately we have gone too far, we are not honored in the world, If at one time, the honor was reduced, then the main reason was that we went far beyond our vision and vision, the promise that was made when we were in Pakistan.
It is a challenge, will our country stand in this challenge or will it become a strong country? At one time when our Prophet (ؐ) came to Madinah, it was a very difficult time, study this period, unfortunately we use Islam for voting and other reasons. Allah has said that when you follow my path, great What will happen to the Prophet, who created the kingdom of Medina, which made the Muslims the greatest nation in the world for seven hundred years?
When the Prophet arrived in Madinah from Makkah in the worst of circumstances, a humanitarian system came in, and collected Ansar, distributing resources. All these things are for us to learn. Despite the difficulties, the welfare state was formed and the state took the responsibility of the weaker sections. If they have to get out of these situations, they will have to follow the same path. He said that the wealthy gentlemen in the country who have the resources to do their part, the government has given the largest package in the history of Pakistan and will give even more, as we gather people together we will distribute ahead. ۔
Our endeavor is to help those who are most affected in the current situation. The daily wage earners are the most affected by the current situation. They include a barber, a small shopkeeper, a rickshaw puller, a welder, a laborer. And others, including painters. The challenge for us is not to spread the Corona virus, as well as how to take care of the segment that is left behind and that is a challenge.
“We have to close schools, we have to run our country in such a way how to protect the ten million people who are badly affected,” he said. White masks will also be affected if they are not today, month after month, we have opened the construction industry, if we use our wisdom, through construction, more people can be employed in cities.
Similarly, agriculture has opened up which is providing employment in the villages. We will join all the chambers of inshallah, we are constantly trying our best, we sit and think every day, we want people not to be too crowded. And we can also provide jobs, the economy keeps going, that’s a real challenge. If we find out that Corona is spreading somewhere, we will shut it down and deliver food through the Tigers Force there. There are six million members in the Tigers Force, this is a long battle and no one should be in the wrong. ۔
“I read on social media that Allah Almighty made Pakistanis such. Corona will not hurt them, do not do such wrong things, Corona will not forgive anyone,” he said. God has saved us, but don’t let yourself get into trouble by being mad. Look what the conditions are like in the West, in a city like New York where the richest people in the world live.
We should never be misunderstood that it will not spread in Pakistan, the whole nation will have to take discipline on its own, we should be careful. They said that we do a daily analysis of the data and accordingly Are running Lockdown will be successful when we have the force to reach people at home, China wins in Wuhan when they deliver food to every home and therefore they are closed for two months.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I have thirty years of experience of charity. When I started, only Abdul Sattar Edhi came in and did not have a large-scale charity. Today, it is a pleasure to have players and showbiz. People have also created welfare organizations, it is the power of our society. We have faith in our people, people worry about the Hereafter, people think that if Allah has given me blessings, then what is left behind is Allah. They have to spend.

Pakistan is one of the top five countries in the world where most donations are made. He said that I have raised the most money for charity in Pakistan. People give you money only when they have faith. That they will use the money, if people are confident then there is no shortage of generous people. We will raise the money, it will go forward in cash.
We have effective data that is prepared on a scientific basis. There is no political interference in the aid. The money that will be paid will be surpassed by merit and political affiliation. We will distribute aid in the same way. The members of the National and Provincial Assembly also participate. Today, the Assembly is also a test. Today is the time to serve the people and this is the politics that becomes worship. Yes, politics is notorious when people say that we will do politics for the people but they do it for themselves.
“All the welfare organizations work together, we are launching a page on Facebook next week that will tell us about the people who need help,” he said. Will We will try to make sure that aid is not wasted and that it will reach only the deserving.